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Christmas <3

Christmas was lovely, but hard.

My dad is in hospital so I spent a lot of the day there. They were lovely to him, he had a big Christmas meal (and I brought up some too) they also bought all the patients on his ward a present, he got two - apparently because they like him and he makes them laugh! They were pretty decent presents too he got a mirror and a ted baker mens wash set.

In the morning we woke up and brought the boys downstairs to open their stockings in their PJs. Jakob got a bird shaped wooden whistle, a wooden cup and ball game, a pack of wooden beads with string, some hungry catapillar playing cards and a finger puppet. Joshua got some coloured wooden haba beads, a soft teddy/blankie type thing, a crochet rattle and they both got some fruit. 



Jakob had helped me wrap up a present for Taz which he was quite excited to open!


We all got dressed and I went to pick up my mum, my nan and my aunt and then we all opened presents together. Ians family were doing their own thing and his parents live in the US, which is why it was just my family over.


Jakobs 'main present' was an early rider balance bike, which he absolutely loved, and joshuas main present was some wooden rainbow stacking cups. They both got the XL Grimms raimbow to share. They got some beautiful plates, and cutlery sets etc from Ians family sent over from the US and my family helped to put money towards things we needed for them such as new car seats.



It's funny when we go round friends houses and see piles and piles of toys and sometimes I feel guilty, like we are not buying the boys enough things? But then I just need to keep reminding myself that they are just objects, the boys aren't going to hate us because we haven't bought them enough when we more than compensate with love.

After Christmas dinner Ian and the boys went on skype to see his parents which was lovely.


then Joshua was shattered and went to bed but Jakob didn't want to so he spent the evening snuggled with my nan on the sofa reading, and eventually brought down his duvet and stayed there until everyone went home :)



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