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Christmas Cards

This year we are leaving it very late to make Christmas cards, considering a lot of our family are the other side of the word and it's 11 days until Christmas!

Actually a lot of people don't even send cards anymore, prefering to donate to a charity or send something electronically. For us cards are one of the best bits of Christmas! I have kept all my birthday and Christmas cards for as long as I can remember, and can look back at cards written by family members that are no longer with us. Christmas cards mean something to me, they are usually chosen carefully with a personal message inside. Since when does an email suffice?!

Nowadays Christmas cards are even more important to me since we do them with the littlies. This year we decided to do Christmas tree cards - and they haven't turned out great (note the perfectionist in me) they are beautiful because they are made my son.

I got the idea from another blog somewhere. I don't really follow blogs, more stumble upon them when looking for inspiration. I wish I could remember this blog to link back because her Christmas tree card post inspired me, and they turned out a LOT better than ours!


So we cut a Christmas tree shape out of a piece of card which was roughly the same size as the front of our blank Christmas cards. Paperclipped the stencil on to the front of the card. Mixed up some green paint with a dash of other colours for interest - red etc and then let him go to town on the cards. Some ended up as big green blobs because he loved putting the brush under the side of the stencil but it was fun watching him work out why some turned out looking like Christmas trees and some turned out like green blobs!




He then got bored of the stencil method so I got one of his triangle shaped blocks and we 'stamped' the trees out instead of using the stencil. Quite nice to have a different design on some of the cards!




Once they were dried we got some PVA glue and dipped fingers and the end of a pen that had run out into it, dapped at the 'trees' and then poured glitter on them. Jakob LOVED this. Well, he loved the glitter! He was rubbing it all over himself with glee, so I ended up pouring it onto most of the cards!





We have leftover glitter. Quite a bit actually, all colours mixed together from pouring over the trees. I have an idea what we're going to do with the glitter :)

ETA: After adding pictures I realised I forgot to take any pictures of the finished product! Well I will definitely do that, and will upload one when I get a chance! I will also link back to that blog if and when I find it!

ETA Again: pictures currently deleted, will be added again later x


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