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London Aquarium

So Jakob loves fish. We try to go to places like the aquarium as much as possible, but it sure isnt cheap! Usually when we visit places like this we buy a guide book to keep and put it with Jakobs other books and before bed he likes to look through and talk about the animals.

His guide book from last time we went to the London Aquarium recently got torn on two of the pages. Jakob is very precious about his stuff and every night when looking at the book he was nearly in tears, bless him, because it was 'broke'. So last week I kept promising 'next week we'll go back and get a new one' - today we finally did!

As we got off the train, it was starting to snow a little, just a sprinkling. I bought a hot chocolate but Jakob wanted it so we shared it.



We walked along the southbank and it was so pretty with little snow flakes and pretty empty due to how cold it was. Jakob loved looking over the wall at the Thames and 'the giant clock' aka Big Ben


I didn't take many pictures due to the bad lighting and my bad photo skills in less than ideal environments lol! But here are some of my favourites.

The sharks were really menacing!


Jakob loved watching the rays swimming in the giant pool, and stood there for ages


Jakob loved the turtles but I could only get their bums! Hehe


Jakob didnt care for these, but I found them fascinating :)


Jakobs absolute favourite bit was the section where they have the little rock pool with crabs, anenemes and starfish. He was too scared to touch the starfish but he spent ages gently stroking the anenemes (sorry for my awful spelling). He also loved holding and touching the crab. Wish I had got some photos of this bit

And yes! Joshua was there, he was in the sling so no pictures - but he was amazed by it all! And a lovely lady came up to us asking about slings which was fun :)


A beautiful message

You know when something happens, and you just cannot stop smiling afterwards? Well when I left for university this morning I found this message on my car from when Ian had taken the boys out :) I just love things like this! So much nicer than flowers or chocolates (though I do like flowers and chocolates ;))



Hello 2012

So it's the New year! The boys are really not too fussed about the new year, I suppose they are too young to understand?

Jakob LOVES fireworks but it's pretty late for him to stay up and they are quite loud and intense. Me and Ian stayed up when the boys were in bed and just snuggled in bed watching the countdown on tv (yep we're cool!)

Afterwards some massive fireworks were going off literally next door and the noise was scarily loud! I ran outside with my camera to try and take some pictures (I love practising using my camera in different settings to try and help me improve). Ian then got into the spirit and found an old massive firework and set it off in the garden! One of our neighbours shouted at us but it was fun, we acted young and free for once ;)

Bare in mind this is the first time I've ever taken pictures of fireworks, so please excuse them! :)

This ones the neighbours


And this ones Ians pretty one! Both pictures taken from our balcony x


Today we have had one long duvet day. We've had the fire on and Jakob brought his duvet downstairs and we've all been laying around on the floor jumping on each other, tickling each other etc. I feel mightily lazy today but actually it feels great! :D

Happy new year everyone x

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