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Cutting and pasting

Sometimes I spend most of my days off trying to tidy and clean, and then I ask myself why? I end up shouting at the boys when they are being creative because its messing up what I had tidied. I'd prefer them to have fun and learn and grow in mess than get annoyed at them after I'd cleaned up! Hmm.

Today we spent all morning tidying, and I found last years calender that I had never used! Whoops. I cut out all the dog pictures from it and made a puzzle for Jakob with wooden lolly sticks.

I positioned one of the lolly sticks on the back of the picture I had cut out from the calendar and drew lines so I knew where to cut


Jakob couldn't do much at this point because I wanted it to turn out fairly neat, lol! But he helped me pour out the glue and brush the glue onto the back of the paper


This is what we ended up with

IMG_7192 IMG_7193

After this Jakob tried to cut some out, and I cut some out for him. He glued them onto some card with PVA glue and then cut it all up. A good example of how its not the finished product that matters but the process. Jakob loved it, spent a while doing it, concentrating hard, improving his dexterity and in the end it was unsalvagable mess, lol.


Then I got out some paint sample cards that are free at DIY stores. I always collect loads when we go out for crafting ideas with Jakob. Anyway I gave him a few and he sat trying to cut them straight along the lines, and then at right angles.


He then decided to open the gloss modge podge and rub it all over his hands, the table, paper, his grimms rainbow (:()

Joshua has spent the afternoon trying to suck PVA glue out of the tube (you'll be glad to know I kept the lid on so that he couldnt! I know I'm laid back, but I'm not that laid back!)

Jakob also asked for a chocolate muffin but instead of eating it rubbed it all over himself and the floor, Joshua then ate most of it.

Jakob is currently trying to cut wooden lolly sticks.


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