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Feeling the lurrrve

So it's valentines day! I got a card from Ian, a card from the boys and a giant box of Guilian seashell chocolates (anyone who knows me will know this is an amazing present for me, YUM!)

Jakob wanted to do some painting, and since it was valentines we decided to do what they did here.

I got out a quiche dish and filled it with shaving foam, tried to flatten the top of the foam as best as possible.


Got a few pots of different coloured paints mixed with a little water (as we dont have watercolours!) We dont have paint pots either so used empty yoghurt pots.


and whilst I cut out heart shapes from pink card, Jakob drizzled bits of paint on top of the shaving foam with a spoon and a paintbrush.


He then dipped the hearts onto the shaving foam, and I scraped it off the top of the hearts with bits of toilet roll tubes etc as quickly as I could (he was doing them quicker than I could scrape off the foam!)


A couple turned out really pretty but not nearly as good as the ones from the original link, maybe due to the paints? The rest ended up with not much paint at all! But Jakob had fun.


Then I put both boys in the bath with the rest of the shaving foam and paint and let them go wild. I had to fill and empty it a couple of times due to the mess but they really loved it! We found out that the dish of shaving cream floats


And also found out that shaving cream on its own floats in clumps, but the paint seeps into the water. Joshua wasnt too impressed with a bath full of shaving foam


We were going to see our friends later so Jakob wanted to take one of the hearts, he chose one and then I mounted it onto card to make a card out of it. You cant see it well from the pictures but there was some metallic paint mixed in with the standard pants and the heart had a beautiful silver metallic sheen to it

IMG_6557 IMG_6559


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