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Cutting and pasting

Sometimes I spend most of my days off trying to tidy and clean, and then I ask myself why? I end up shouting at the boys when they are being creative because its messing up what I had tidied. I'd prefer them to have fun and learn and grow in mess than get annoyed at them after I'd cleaned up! Hmm.

Today we spent all morning tidying, and I found last years calender that I had never used! Whoops. I cut out all the dog pictures from it and made a puzzle for Jakob with wooden lolly sticks.

I positioned one of the lolly sticks on the back of the picture I had cut out from the calendar and drew lines so I knew where to cut


Jakob couldn't do much at this point because I wanted it to turn out fairly neat, lol! But he helped me pour out the glue and brush the glue onto the back of the paper


This is what we ended up with

IMG_7192 IMG_7193

After this Jakob tried to cut some out, and I cut some out for him. He glued them onto some card with PVA glue and then cut it all up. A good example of how its not the finished product that matters but the process. Jakob loved it, spent a while doing it, concentrating hard, improving his dexterity and in the end it was unsalvagable mess, lol.


Then I got out some paint sample cards that are free at DIY stores. I always collect loads when we go out for crafting ideas with Jakob. Anyway I gave him a few and he sat trying to cut them straight along the lines, and then at right angles.


He then decided to open the gloss modge podge and rub it all over his hands, the table, paper, his grimms rainbow (:()

Joshua has spent the afternoon trying to suck PVA glue out of the tube (you'll be glad to know I kept the lid on so that he couldnt! I know I'm laid back, but I'm not that laid back!)

Jakob also asked for a chocolate muffin but instead of eating it rubbed it all over himself and the floor, Joshua then ate most of it.

Jakob is currently trying to cut wooden lolly sticks.


Ohhhh Post!

Look what I got today, yum yum swoon :)



Feeling the lurrrve

So it's valentines day! I got a card from Ian, a card from the boys and a giant box of Guilian seashell chocolates (anyone who knows me will know this is an amazing present for me, YUM!)

Jakob wanted to do some painting, and since it was valentines we decided to do what they did here.

I got out a quiche dish and filled it with shaving foam, tried to flatten the top of the foam as best as possible.


Got a few pots of different coloured paints mixed with a little water (as we dont have watercolours!) We dont have paint pots either so used empty yoghurt pots.


and whilst I cut out heart shapes from pink card, Jakob drizzled bits of paint on top of the shaving foam with a spoon and a paintbrush.


He then dipped the hearts onto the shaving foam, and I scraped it off the top of the hearts with bits of toilet roll tubes etc as quickly as I could (he was doing them quicker than I could scrape off the foam!)


A couple turned out really pretty but not nearly as good as the ones from the original link, maybe due to the paints? The rest ended up with not much paint at all! But Jakob had fun.


Then I put both boys in the bath with the rest of the shaving foam and paint and let them go wild. I had to fill and empty it a couple of times due to the mess but they really loved it! We found out that the dish of shaving cream floats


And also found out that shaving cream on its own floats in clumps, but the paint seeps into the water. Joshua wasnt too impressed with a bath full of shaving foam


We were going to see our friends later so Jakob wanted to take one of the hearts, he chose one and then I mounted it onto card to make a card out of it. You cant see it well from the pictures but there was some metallic paint mixed in with the standard pants and the heart had a beautiful silver metallic sheen to it

IMG_6557 IMG_6559


Finally, snow!

While the rest of England (and supposedly the rest of Europe) have been drowning snow, suffering a 'big freeze' cold enough that we've been put on Amber alert, my street has had a mere sprinkling of the white stuff.

I love snow, people hate it but where we live the transport is so good (usually) that if I can't drive we can still usually get either a bus, train, tube, boat, tram, etc and rarely have to wait more than 1/2 an hour even in arctic conditions. So we love it. Christmas was so mild it didn't even feel like Christmas.

Last week when the rest of the country was struggling we had so little that when I asked Jakob if he wanted to go out and play he looked at it, looked back at me and went 'nah'. He usually loves snow.

So this morning we were happily surprised to find a white blanket covering the garden :) I was meant to be in university today but didn't end up going due to Joshua being ill. I think he has some sort of eye infection - green gunk oozing out etc. We are going to see our pharmacist later and speak to him.


We spend the morning inside in the warm and made a waldorf inspired window star originally seen here . I did most of the cutting and folding and Jakob used the scraps of tissue paper to practice his cutting and folding! But still the outcome was better than I thought it would be.

As you can see when we do things like this we do a lot of improv. The tissue paper weren't the exact colours I wanted - but they were cheap. We didn't have pritstick like the originally tutorial so I used a little PVA in a tuppaware  lid.

After we had done this Joshua went for a sleep so I decided to take Jakob into the garden for some fun in the snow.

We made a snowman, with an ice cream scoop and a bowel with bits of sticks for eyes! lol. Jakob had a lot of fun packing the snow in and tipping it out.



Jakob collected some leaves so I put them around the edges of the bowl and packed it with snow so that when we tipped it up they stayed around the edge.



Then I hid one of the leaves in the middle of the snow and when we tipped it up the leaf was gone so Jakob had a lot of fun jumping and stomping to break up the snow and find the leaf.


As we were out there Ian came outside to chop up some wood for the fire, and Jakob wanted to help. He also collected some twigs and wanted daddy to cut up his twigs for him.


Jakob said he wanted to cut the snow, so I went and got a tuppaware pot and his knife and packed the snow as hard as I could into the pot and he spent ages cutting through it, and once it was messed up i'd pat the snow down again so it was hard and he could start again.


I started to come inside but Jakob didn't want to so he spent a long time outside with his dad in the snow,  scooping it back into the bowl and tipping it out.



When he finally came in he wanted to play with the tissue paper again, so I poured out a little of the PVA glue and gave him some card and paper and tore up the tissue paper so he has been sticking that now :)


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