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More sunshine

Today has been nice. Each day this week is starting foggy, chilly and miserable but by lunch it's warm and sunny and delicious :)

Today we have been in the garden. Jakob has been on the trampoline loads. He loves it and never seems to get tired or bored of it. I'm so glad we decided to get it for his last birthday :) notice he nearly always hangs his tongue out when jumping lol!

See the house behind his head - mid jump!


Joshua has been on the trampline too. He hates it when Jakobs on it, as I think he jumps too hard! But when he went on on his own he absolutely loved it and stood jumping without lifting his feet off the floor hehe!


I brought out a tray with flour, oats and rice in the compartments and a couple of straws and a spoon. I did this sort of thing with Jakob a LOT last summer as the garden is perfect because when it spills, later on the wind just blows it away. Jakob used to love it and I wanted to try it with Joshua but Jakob was far more interested. Joshua just wanted to walk around in the grass and explore the garden as this week is really the first time we've had a chance to be out there.


As soon as he saw it he wanted to play! He loves to feel the textures between his fingers and usually rubs it on different parts of his body, feet, tummy, arms, face etc. 


This time I added straws which I had never thought of before so he was very intrigued. He tried to suck the contents up the straw and then afterwards blew through the straw sending the flour in a cloud in the air! 


What I sometimes find funny is how closed my mind is. In the sense of - I give him items, to watch what he does with them because I would probably never think of most of them myself. I never thought of blowing through the straw with the flour, yet it's so simple. Sometimes I fear that I've lost all my childhood creativity. Maybe I'm trying to cling to it with my children!


We also went to asda. Not our usual supermarket of choice but for some reason I just really felt I wanted to go there? I was glad I did because once we got there I saw some lovely childrens garden things! They're not my usual style but as soon as I saw them I knew I needed them. They made me think of this pin (something I've been thinking about doing for a while). 

I can't wait to get started on Jakobs garden - looks like we'll need a trip to the garden centre for a little fence or edging and it's meant to stay sunny the next couple of days :)



The Marsden March & more!

So today nearly 4,000 people walked from The Royal Marsden in Chelsea, south west London all the way to The Royal Marsden in Sutton, Surrey. All of the money raised will be going to the provision of cancer care at both hospitals. 

The Marsden March website.

One of our best friends has recently moved house and lives near the Royal Marsden so we decided to go and see the marchers!

Joshua tried to join in! IMG_7850-2

This is the first time he's actually walked outside :)


Some of them were dressed in costumes - smurfs, red indians, tigers, mr blobby etc and some were just dressed in sponsering Tshirts. Jakob loved watching them all, especially as most of them had balloons tied to them!

Once they finished the race they got food, drink, a massage and a medal. Watching them all finish made me want to walk for charity and now I can't stop thinking about it! I probably already have to much on my plate already with the family, uni, placements, learning to crochet (my new venture...) but I've just joined the gym and I'm seriously considering signing up for a sponsered walk next year.

Anyway we had Joshua and Jakob and my friends had their two littlies A who is 18 months and N who will be 4 in the summer. Jakob absolutely loved N and they ran around playing together all day. They got balloons from a man that tied them up into sword shapes, and Joshua and A got little poodle dog balloons lol. 


When we left the weather was mild, but as we were there it became sunnier and warmer and it turned into a really lovely day.

We stayed for a bit, ate some lunch, N got his face painted and then we headed off.

As it was such a nice day me and Ian decided to go to the park afterwards - but it turned out the park was en route of the Marsden March and there were still lots of marchers! (They were still passing our house while the boys had dinner too!).


Jakob rode his bike around the park, we sat and had a picnic on the grass while Jakob examined different leaves, twigs, bugs... then we went and got an ice cream.


Jakob took off his top, and the looks we got! I didn't realise it wasn't the done thing, but he was hot and wanted it off so why not.


He also found a stick he liked, and as soon as I saw it I thought of something I had seen on a blog; maybe the same blog that I found how to make waldorf inspired window stars. Anyway here is the stick, and we brought it home with us so maybe there will be a blog post on what I'm thinking about now, sometime soon :)



Jakobs space

Just a quick one today as we're having a bit of a crazy busy week.

I wanted to share Jakobs place where he paints. We used to use our dining room table but it's in use at the moment for other reasons, so we use the coffee table. The chair is mine from when I was a toddler so very old and worn! Anyway it's his favourite place, and before I go to universitiy I set him up there with his paints and he loves it :)



Our poor attempt at cupcakes...

So today Jakob woke up and straight away he said he wanted to bake cakes. I kinda overslept, and had to go shopping this morning and then we were going out to lunch for all you can eat Chinese at 12.30 so I thought we so aren't going to have time! 'Ohh yes, maybe later... ohhh look building blocks'. Naughty mummy, Jakob wasnt having any of it! He went and found the cupcake cases and kept showing me them with puppy dog eyes and in the end I just couldn't resist.

I googled 'easy cupcake recipe' and then realised I still hadnt cleaned the kitchen from last night, oops. So we mainly sat on the floor and did the mixing etc. There we go, you now know just how lazy I am :)

Jakob did really well pouring out the flour, sugar etc - he mixed with the hand mixer, cracked eggs, sieved, spooned mixture into cases. It all sounds pretty simple but I was quite surprised because it hasnt been that long since we last made cakes and his his motor skills have vastly improved.

So here it is... preheat oven at gas mark 4

250g of castor sugar + 250g of butter (we get the basics/economy range with most of our baking stuff!) Add one teaspoon vanilla extract.

Mix in 4 eggs one at a time



Then sift 185g self raising flour and 60g plain flour together and fold into mixture with 185ml of milk



Jakob offered to spoon the mixture into the cupcake cases, but as I turned around I saw this! ha


After the mixture was in the cases I broke up some white chocolate and added it on top :)


After about half an hour in the oven they were out and cooling so I decided to make the frosting. Realised I didnt actually have the right ingrediants so threw together some soft cheese, butter, icing sugar (only had a tiny bit), vanilla extract and melted lots of white chocolate and mixed it all together. This is it before the white chocolate.


So this is what our cupcakes ended up like (with chocolate twirl bits on top). They look a bit sorry for themselves, takes ridiculously sweet (the topping) but hey Jakob had a lot of fun making them!



Girasol Felice 4 <3

I've been after a girasol for a while, Northern lights and towards the summer I do really want to get a snow rainbow. I just cant get enough of rainbowy stripey wraps at the mo.

So here is my first girasol - it's a fringed felice size 4. I'm no good with 4's. Long 6s are my fav for double hammock but I thought now I can practice some new carries - so this, for the first time ever, is a ruck tied under bum with my new baby and my old toddler :p



Syringe painting :)

Ok so today was fun! Got on the train to university, and just as I got off of the train I found out there was a bomb scare at our campus and we got a text saying 'all lectures are cancelled today'. So turned round and went straight back home, shame it wasted my whole morning and train fares for nothing though.

I had lots of lovely ideas about what we could do as a family as I had the day free and it was a beautiful sunny day, including picnics in the park, going to a farm, going out for lunch etc, but no. Jakob was adamant he wanted to stay inside and paint.

I've always tried to encourage art and creativity so I feel horrible saying this but I feel it has bitten me on the bum! Every day Jakob wants to paint. Every. Single. Day. I don't think I'm creative enough to keep thinking of news ways to make painting interesting enough.


Yesterday my friend who has a small baby gave me some syringes, she was given them by her midwife for antenatal expressing colostrum and expressing in the first couple of days, but now her milk is in full force and she has a great supply and has a lot of syringes she was going to chuck away. We are known as the ones who will take anyones junk to save them throwing it away - we find uses for literally anything. So I took the syringes off her hands and put them in the bathroom thinking 'I wonder what I'll ever need these for' - maybe if I need to give Joshua or the pets medication and they wont take it or something?

But today when Jakob wanted to paint I had a brainwave and got a couple of them out and sucked paint into them for him to paint with. He loved it.


I thought it might make the painting a little less messy but apparently not. Within 10 minutes he had rubbed it all over himself. Why does he like to rub things all over himself???

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