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More sunshine

Today has been nice. Each day this week is starting foggy, chilly and miserable but by lunch it's warm and sunny and delicious :)

Today we have been in the garden. Jakob has been on the trampoline loads. He loves it and never seems to get tired or bored of it. I'm so glad we decided to get it for his last birthday :) notice he nearly always hangs his tongue out when jumping lol!

See the house behind his head - mid jump!


Joshua has been on the trampline too. He hates it when Jakobs on it, as I think he jumps too hard! But when he went on on his own he absolutely loved it and stood jumping without lifting his feet off the floor hehe!


I brought out a tray with flour, oats and rice in the compartments and a couple of straws and a spoon. I did this sort of thing with Jakob a LOT last summer as the garden is perfect because when it spills, later on the wind just blows it away. Jakob used to love it and I wanted to try it with Joshua but Jakob was far more interested. Joshua just wanted to walk around in the grass and explore the garden as this week is really the first time we've had a chance to be out there.


As soon as he saw it he wanted to play! He loves to feel the textures between his fingers and usually rubs it on different parts of his body, feet, tummy, arms, face etc. 


This time I added straws which I had never thought of before so he was very intrigued. He tried to suck the contents up the straw and then afterwards blew through the straw sending the flour in a cloud in the air! 


What I sometimes find funny is how closed my mind is. In the sense of - I give him items, to watch what he does with them because I would probably never think of most of them myself. I never thought of blowing through the straw with the flour, yet it's so simple. Sometimes I fear that I've lost all my childhood creativity. Maybe I'm trying to cling to it with my children!


We also went to asda. Not our usual supermarket of choice but for some reason I just really felt I wanted to go there? I was glad I did because once we got there I saw some lovely childrens garden things! They're not my usual style but as soon as I saw them I knew I needed them. They made me think of this pin (something I've been thinking about doing for a while). 

I can't wait to get started on Jakobs garden - looks like we'll need a trip to the garden centre for a little fence or edging and it's meant to stay sunny the next couple of days :)



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