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Our poor attempt at cupcakes...

So today Jakob woke up and straight away he said he wanted to bake cakes. I kinda overslept, and had to go shopping this morning and then we were going out to lunch for all you can eat Chinese at 12.30 so I thought we so aren't going to have time! 'Ohh yes, maybe later... ohhh look building blocks'. Naughty mummy, Jakob wasnt having any of it! He went and found the cupcake cases and kept showing me them with puppy dog eyes and in the end I just couldn't resist.

I googled 'easy cupcake recipe' and then realised I still hadnt cleaned the kitchen from last night, oops. So we mainly sat on the floor and did the mixing etc. There we go, you now know just how lazy I am :)

Jakob did really well pouring out the flour, sugar etc - he mixed with the hand mixer, cracked eggs, sieved, spooned mixture into cases. It all sounds pretty simple but I was quite surprised because it hasnt been that long since we last made cakes and his his motor skills have vastly improved.

So here it is... preheat oven at gas mark 4

250g of castor sugar + 250g of butter (we get the basics/economy range with most of our baking stuff!) Add one teaspoon vanilla extract.

Mix in 4 eggs one at a time



Then sift 185g self raising flour and 60g plain flour together and fold into mixture with 185ml of milk



Jakob offered to spoon the mixture into the cupcake cases, but as I turned around I saw this! ha


After the mixture was in the cases I broke up some white chocolate and added it on top :)


After about half an hour in the oven they were out and cooling so I decided to make the frosting. Realised I didnt actually have the right ingrediants so threw together some soft cheese, butter, icing sugar (only had a tiny bit), vanilla extract and melted lots of white chocolate and mixed it all together. This is it before the white chocolate.


So this is what our cupcakes ended up like (with chocolate twirl bits on top). They look a bit sorry for themselves, takes ridiculously sweet (the topping) but hey Jakob had a lot of fun making them!



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