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Syringe painting :)

Ok so today was fun! Got on the train to university, and just as I got off of the train I found out there was a bomb scare at our campus and we got a text saying 'all lectures are cancelled today'. So turned round and went straight back home, shame it wasted my whole morning and train fares for nothing though.

I had lots of lovely ideas about what we could do as a family as I had the day free and it was a beautiful sunny day, including picnics in the park, going to a farm, going out for lunch etc, but no. Jakob was adamant he wanted to stay inside and paint.

I've always tried to encourage art and creativity so I feel horrible saying this but I feel it has bitten me on the bum! Every day Jakob wants to paint. Every. Single. Day. I don't think I'm creative enough to keep thinking of news ways to make painting interesting enough.


Yesterday my friend who has a small baby gave me some syringes, she was given them by her midwife for antenatal expressing colostrum and expressing in the first couple of days, but now her milk is in full force and she has a great supply and has a lot of syringes she was going to chuck away. We are known as the ones who will take anyones junk to save them throwing it away - we find uses for literally anything. So I took the syringes off her hands and put them in the bathroom thinking 'I wonder what I'll ever need these for' - maybe if I need to give Joshua or the pets medication and they wont take it or something?

But today when Jakob wanted to paint I had a brainwave and got a couple of them out and sucked paint into them for him to paint with. He loved it.


I thought it might make the painting a little less messy but apparently not. Within 10 minutes he had rubbed it all over himself. Why does he like to rub things all over himself???

IMG_7214 IMG_7223 IMG_7262


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