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Hello 2012

So it's the New year! The boys are really not too fussed about the new year, I suppose they are too young to understand?

Jakob LOVES fireworks but it's pretty late for him to stay up and they are quite loud and intense. Me and Ian stayed up when the boys were in bed and just snuggled in bed watching the countdown on tv (yep we're cool!)

Afterwards some massive fireworks were going off literally next door and the noise was scarily loud! I ran outside with my camera to try and take some pictures (I love practising using my camera in different settings to try and help me improve). Ian then got into the spirit and found an old massive firework and set it off in the garden! One of our neighbours shouted at us but it was fun, we acted young and free for once ;)

Bare in mind this is the first time I've ever taken pictures of fireworks, so please excuse them! :)

This ones the neighbours


And this ones Ians pretty one! Both pictures taken from our balcony x


Today we have had one long duvet day. We've had the fire on and Jakob brought his duvet downstairs and we've all been laying around on the floor jumping on each other, tickling each other etc. I feel mightily lazy today but actually it feels great! :D

Happy new year everyone x

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